My name is Patricia Ritsema van Eck and I love to design websites. Some of my clients include online casino malaysia. It began as just a fun thing to do – every time I stumbled upon an interesting topic I just couldn’t resist creating a site about it. It took me over 20 sites to realize there’s no way I could maintain them all. At this point I decided to turn my hobby into my work and since 2007 I’ve been designing websites for clients.

Your website should communicate clearly who you are and what you have to offer the world. It’s a digital extension of your home or shop. Adding the right colors and images to your words and presenting it all in a structure which empowers your message, is my main objective when you ask me to create a site for you. The design must fit you and your service like a second skin.

And of course I complement the visual design by implementing easy navigation, search engine optimization, marketing elements, browser compatibility and security rules. Every theme design I’ve made is standards compliant and gets 100% markup validation (html/css) from W3C upon delivery. If you’re interested in a custom design for your website, please contact me for a quote.